Looking Over the Edge

When I was growing up, there was a large hill right in front of our driveway.  One of my favorite things to do in the summer was going out with my Big Wheel, push it up to the top and ride down at maximum speed.   I certainly couldn’t peddle to the top, it was much too steep for that.  No, I was resigned each time to pushing my pint-sized ride all the way to the top; by the time I got there I was out of breath and my legs were burning.

Getting to the bottom of the hill was a much more simple task.  Sit down. Hold on. Yell really loud.  MTD has been a lot like that, so far.  There has been a whole lot of pushing, a whole lot of sore muscles, and a whole lot of being out of breath.  While we are not completely funded yet, we are getting very close and are starting to peddle towards the downhill!

Last month Anna & I spent a few days in Dallas, TX. We are so grateful to the many friends, supporters, and family, who made the trip possible.  The hospitality was unrivaled all around.  While there, we met with many potential partners and churches.

One of the highlights of the trip was meeting with people from The Village Church, which has partnered with CBI in order to provide training for the Steps Counseling Program.  This program is the basis of counseling initiative in Japan.

I was blessed to have speaking and preaching opportunities at local churches every Sunday since the beginning of March.  This has been a very humbling and encouraging process, being able to step into an even deeper level of ministry before leaving for Japan.

Anna and the girls have stayed busy with school and other activities.  Thanks to the one-on-one environment Willa has been able to complete her math curriculum for the year early!  Avi’s love of books continues to grow and it seems more often than not we find her reading quietly to herself.

Over the weekend we were able to reserve our apartment in Japan!  Now is the perfect time to partner with us so we can finalize our departure date.   Every partnership matters and gifts of $25 and $50 a month are critical in finishing up!  Join Today!


The girls felt so loved when they received a packet of cards from all their classmates at Faith Christian School.

Avi and Willa in their first club soccer game!
Christ Bible Seminary Class Of 2017
Cafe English and other outreach ministries continue to grow!

The CBI team attended their annual retreat for a time of rest, reflection, and encouragement.

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