Marching Orders

Japan once seemed like a distant dream that we would never reach.  It has been nearly two years since we last stood in Japan, observing the need with our own eyes. Since then there has been so much preparation. Applying to and training with Reliant, setting goals and timelines with our team at CBI, the beginning, and continuation of ministry team building.

According to the theologian, Thomas Earl Petty, “the waiting is the hardest part.”  We would have to agree. However,  that dream is not so distant, those shores not so far, as things come closer and closer to reach so does our anticipation and desire to serve hard and well the people of Japan.

The children have jumped into the study of Japanese, having a daily lesson focused on learning the Hiragana syllabary.  The availability of Japanese streaming services means the girls also have the opportunity to watch children’s shows and begin learning to listen to and parse conversational Japanese.

It will, of course, be a while before language proficiency is reached, but it is good to hear them interposing Japanese words when they know them!

We celebrated Avi’s 9th birthday a week ago, it’s so hard to believe it has been that long since we brought her home from the hospital.  Her kind heart and introspective nature are such a blessing to us, we wait with anticipation to see what the Lord has planned for her life.

We have been blessed on the support raising trail, with Jason having a speaking engagement at local churches all the way through Easter.  We are now at 75% of our goal and feel the momentum growing!

We have just planned a trip to Dallas to connect with some churches and families there.  Please join us in thanking God for His provision, and in praying that we are able to raise the last of our need expediently!

Jason gives a message on Psalm 67.

All smiles after church!

Willa and Avi enjoy a traditional Japanese meal.

This sign hanging from the Sony building in Tokyo is in remembrance of 3/11.  The line in red marks the height of the tsunami that struck Japan following the earthquake.  The sign reads:

March 11. Each time this day
comes around, we recall what
happened then. Six years have
passed since the Great East Japan
Earthquake. No more disasters.
We think this each year, but
someday disaster might—no,
will—strike again. On that day,
the tsunami in Ōfunato, Iwate,
reached 16.7 meters in height.
If this wave came here, to Ginza,
it would be exactly this tall.
This is probably much higher than
you had imagined. But now that
you know how high it is, the actions
you can take are different. Yes.
Now we can prepare ourselves.
Our imaginations are expanded
by the memories of the disaster
victims, and we gain fresh wisdom.
Not forgetting that day is the
best disaster preparation of all.
This is what Yahoo believes.


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