Reading Ahead

It has been a month since we moved to Glade Spring – on one hand,  it feels like we’ve been here a long time, and the other it feels like we just arrived.   Jason’s parents have been overly gracious in helping us to settle in and the transition has gone smoothly.

One of the most challenging adjustments has been for Anna and the children, working to get used to homeschool.  A month in and so much progress has been made.  The girls have gotten through the shock of transition and jumped into learning, while Anna continues to get to know what works best for each of them and make adjustments accordingly.

One of the most exciting things to see how much they have grown to love reading.  In class, Willa moved up to the book Avi was reading and they enjoyed the shared experience of working through the story together.

Avi also read a six book series, on her own time outside of school, about a young girl who had to move to a new city and school amid her parents’ divorce.  She has since picked up reading biographies on historical figures that are written for children.

Jason has continued to reach out to local churches and the community here in Southwest Virginia.  He had the opportunity to share with the adult bible study class at a church in Abingdon this past Sunday, and the Lord has prepared several more opportunities in the coming weeks.

After praying for and seeking direction for our next steps, we have received leading from the Lord in how to proceed. We are seeking 35 supporters, with an average gift of $50 a month, to complete our fundraising efforts!  We are also prayerful for partner churches to come alongside with one-time gifts to help meet the initial needs of transition.

Would you please join us in praying for these donors to be placed in our path.  If you would like more information on how to sign up, send us an email or register online!

The girls have had fun exploring local parks and finding new places to play.

We noticed Avi squinting quite a bit around the house.  A visit to the optometrist confirmed our suspicions and she now has her first pair glasses. They have made things much easier on her and she has adjusted well to them.

Meanwhile, at CBI, Cafe English began with a viewing of the movie “Silence“, followed by a return to the cafe for discussion on the film. Please pray that this opens doors to conversations that would have been otherwise closed!

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